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Step Parr0 ★

My Daughter had the time of her life. staff were so friendly and stopped her from getting stressed out. Would highly recommend to anybody who enjoys singing. studio was immaculate and it was an all round amazing experience. thanks especially to Jamie and Calum you guys were awesome.

Dawn Hamer5 ★

Hi guys listen up. This was the best ever experience for my daughter and her friends. The studio is a really nice relaxed place. Callum and Dean were so cool and fun to work with. I would highly recommend this for anybody looking for something different for a birthday gift/party. Thanks for helping to make great memories.

Clare Moorhouse0 ★

Fab experience, the girls had a great time and we have a brilliant keepsake in the video of them singing and dancing. Clever mixing too, so impressed with the end result

Kelly McMerrett0 ★

Fab time had for my daughters party, she absolutely loved it!

Melanie Edwards0 ★

My daughter had an amazing time at the studio! The music video is fantastic & the photo's were stunning! Thank you so much :)

Sarah Daly0 ★

This is an amazing place and experience, young or old. Jamie and callum thank u so much for tonight u have made my boys 9th birthday. Amazing time had by all. Would definitely recommend.

Lisa Stewart0 ★

Absolutely amazing day! My daughter and niece had the best time ever! Definitely an unforgettable day!

Hannah Michelle Inal0 ★

Wow what a fab place. The recoding studios is fabulous. Thank you Jamie and Callum for giving my children the best experience ever. They will remember this day for the rest of their lives. My Dad loved his birthday present CD of his grandchildren singing and a fantastic video to go with. The photos are georgous too. I would recommend this experience for any children who love singing.

Kate Sims0 ★

I can’t thank Jamie enough for the experience he provided. The amazing pictures and CD are memories to keep from the experience forever. Jamie went out of his way to ensure we had the best experience. Again, I can’t thank/recommend this experience enough!

Michelle Parry0 ★

What an amazing experience and we’ve got the best video to keep forever, great people. A day me and my friends will remember forever. Thankyou so much would highly recommend this place

Stacey Maé0 ★

My daughter had her 11th birthday party here today and from start to finish they were made to feel comfortable I was amazed they managed to get her to sing on her own. The final video was amazing and I can’t wait to see it again. I would highly recommend to anyone the girls have not stopped singing and talking about the experience all day. Memories were definitely made today so thank you both for making a little girl feel very special.

Natasha Malik0 ★

My 3 had a fantastic time...The staff were great.... Highly recommended..xx

Catherine Barber0 ★

My daughter loved her recording experience and was made to feel at ease by both Jamie and Callum who are very talented. The studio and the whole set up Is very impressive and the resulting sound recording, video and photographs were very professional. Thank you

Anna Jones0 ★

The Cotsyo Studio is great and we went in with some pretty basic material but with some assistance from the guys at Cotsyo Studios and some epic mixing we ended up with more than we expected. The guys are not only great musicians and great at mixing but they offered some great tips and advice about what sounded good. It was all very professional but still a great friendly atmosphere. Big shout out to Jamie 👍🏻[written for my Dad who doesn't have facebook 🙂]

AndreaDaniel Mellor0 ★

We had a fantastic time, with two outstanding lads who really knew their stuff. Thanks Jamie and Callum for making this singing experience a day to remember.

Rob Wigman0 ★

Great recording session, lots of fun.

Dee Harrison5 ★

Jade had a great time at her singing experience, Callum and his side kick, (sorry totally forgot your name) made her feel relaxed and were very professional at what they did. The technology and set up were all fab. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wanted to use either the recording studio or the photographic studio. The quality of the video, music CD and photographs are amazing! Thank you Guys! Xx

Carla Marie Waite4 ★

Girls really had fun on this singing experience, the video & photos were good & they are great memories to cherish with friends. The only downside is that the photos/video are quite pricey & because you can’t buy individual photos it means you have to pay it or you’d have nothing to remember it. This isn’t something I’m sure many people could afford to do often, as much as they would like to.

Mandy Garner5 ★

Wow!! Amazing experience. Jamie and Calum were superb and made some fantastic memories for us and our daughter. From start to finish very professional explaining exactly what was going to happen and I would highly recommend it especially for anyone who wishes to know what goes on in a recording studio and with the additional options we have some lovely material to cherish forever. Thank you :-)

Amanda Willis5 ★

Great experience for my daughter, she had a great time. Photos and video are amazing. We had a good laugh with the lads aswell. Would definitely recommend �

Jade Weatherbed5 ★

My neice's and friend had the best time!!! Recommend this experience to any little girls who dream of being a pop star.

Marianne White5 ★

This was a surprise xmas present from my son and his partner. She came with me and we had such a great day. It was the best present ever. Everyone is so lovely and made it great fun. I still have my cd lol.

Cynthia F Ma5 ★

My kids and I had a fantastic time. You guys were great, so relaxed and friendly. Pictures are amazing. Thank you so much my babies had the best time��

Lena Leach5 ★

Fantastic experience for our daughter and ourselves Jamie and Callum were really lovely guys. Would definitely recommend the experience. Thanks again Lena Terry and Rubi x

Debra Farrar5 ★

What a fantastic experience, from start to finish. Jessica loved every minute and so did we. Very professional but made fun. The video and photos are amazing and we have played the disc so many times. My sides are still sore from laughing. Thank you so much for making our little girl feel so special.