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Professional studio recording







Vocal recording in a pro studio

Singer Silver PlusProfessional studio recording Liverpool
  • Record 1 song
  • Voucher included
  • Includes audio CD
  • UK's leading recording venue
  • Studio all to yourself


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£149  £59

Best UK recording studio Leeds

Manchester recording studio

Studios Liverpool







Manchester Singing Experience studios have recorded both professional and amateur singers, musicians, and bands. With all recordings being done to a high standard







Recording studios London

Singer Diamond PlusLocal music studios


  • Record 3 songs
  • Voucher included
  • Includes audio CD
  • Recording with a certified engineer 
  • Mixing and master included 


£199 £119

Hire a photography studio

Manchester recording studio








See our studio page here for who has been in.

Experience a real working film & recording studio used by the Stars and the beginner  








Singing parties for Kids

Popstar Partysinging parties for birthdays
  • Record 1 song
  • Voucher included
  • Includes audio CD
  • Choose your own song
  • Various activities 


£199 £149

Recording studios that produce music videos

Hire a studio for a music video







World-class equipment, boasting one of the UK's flagship SSL consoles

and an array of industry high-quality outboard effects and Mics. 








Manchester studio that provides guitar recording

MusiciansStudio guitar recording
  • Record 5 songs
  • Voucher included
  • Includes audio CD
  • Full use of our recording studio
  • Join our Cotyso club for free


£199 £99

Create original recording

Full studio production mixing and mastering


Our renown SE - Recording Studios in Manchester opened their doors to members of the public so that you and your friends can perform in the very same studios that hosted your idols perhaps just hours before!

Do not be confused by studios offering and duplicating our experiences that we started many years ago. Our studios boasts with its finest equipment both in recording and film all within 3 floors beautifully furnished and dedicated to achieving high standards.

For the professionals and amateurs, we use our full music studio gear, from our flagship SSL 900 Series console (one of the few in the UK) along with many outboard additions, inc Neve, TL Audio, Focusrite and more. Our engineers can create pristine quality with your required musical taste


Whether you want a recording studio gift experience or a professional needing hit-making production, our experienced and professional recording engineers will help you choose the perfect pro session or gift package. Our Manchester recording studios make the perfect birthday venue for anyone, no matter how old or young – no singing ability required! Spend time choosing your backing track before entering our studios, then get the chance to record a number of takes with our Sound Engineers. Once you've recorded the perfect track and you're happy with it, our team will lead you to the professional photography suite to capture that ideal cover shot.


You get to take away a copy of your CD there and then! Choose the cover shot you prefer and you'll be sent a digitally enhanced master copy of your CD to treasure. If you are a struggling band or singer, our experts can help set you on the right track and give you a professionally mixed demo CD to keep. Get a taste of what it's like to perform in a real studio that many iconic bands before you have used. Soak up the atmosphere for some creative inspiration.