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Songwriter / Live Lounge 1 Experience: for artist

Live Lounge 1

The Live Lounge 1 Experience If you are a singer, or songwritter, you may have a chord structure and lyrics but just need a little inspiration allow us to add the instruments, with our professional engineers, we can help create the track from your ideas.

It can be any song you like your own original or maybe an old classic or even an obscure song that nobody remembers that you want to recreate in your own style. Live lounge 1 engineers will help to build the structure, could be the guitar, piano or your chosen instrument, you will sing along and practice, there is no rush you will get plenty time to get the feel.

This Experience is 6 hours you will spend 4 hours to record your song, this will get mixed by our very own professional sound engineers for 2 hours.

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Live Lounge 1 Experience Experience
6 Hour studio experience
4 hours Recording
2 Hours Mix and Mastering
Includes mixed and mastered CD




How It Works

For the fun or serious artist

Bring as many friends and family along to watch 


This experience includes the following activities:

Photo shoot  

Filming a studio video


Optional singing experience extras include:

Additional singers

Extra songs

Professionally edited studio videos

Fully edited photographs

Food packs



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How many songs can I record on the Live Lounge 1 Package?

1 songs

What happens on the day?

To provide the best session possible we give you the full recording studio experience, just the same as all the stars that have been in the studios (Harry Styles, Take That, Blur and New Order). Enjoy your studio session doing both recording, photo and video shoots.


What do I recieve?

At the end of your session you will get your final track, professionally mixed and mastered with its final vocal effects and tweaks applied. Your CD will come in one of our studios presentation wallets.

Can I get extras?



Optional Singing experience extras include:

Additional Singers

Extra songs

Professionally edited studio videos

Fully Edited photographs

Food Packs

Do I need to bring outfit changes?

It is recommended that you wear your favourite outfit for the experience as any changes will take out time of the session, however if you wish to bring outfit changes then you can bring up to three.


Do I have to be a professional Artist?

These experiences are for all ages and abilities.

How long is the Live Lounge 1 experience?

6 hours

Do you provide the backing track (karaoke track)?

Yes. We have 10000’s make your choice using our online form when you book, we will have it ready for your special day

If I make a mistake while recording can I do another take?

Yes. We do various takes, putting the best of each take together to get the perfect take.

How many people can sing?

1 person on the Live Lounge 1 experience (you can add extra singers at a later date fee applies)

How long will the voucher last?

8 months from date of purchase


How long will it take to receive my voucher?

If you get an E Voucher it will be sent via email on the day. If you have bought a presentation gift tin (a fee applies) it will be sent first class and should arrive in one to two working days.


Can I give the experience to someone else if they don’t want it?

Yes you can.

How do I book my experience?

Each voucher will recieve a special code which you can enter here, You will then be able to use the booking portal to choose the date of your recording, your song choice and add extras.

What days are you open for me to record?

We do Monday to Sunday from 9am to 10 pm! Plenty of options available


1394 Ashton Old Road,



M11 1JX
Telephone : 0161 292 6287


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We are situated 10 mins via car from Manchester city centre. We are located on the same road as Piccadilly Train Station (where the taxi rank adjoins).By Taxi is about £7 or a Direct bus from City centre (Piccadilly or Victoria stations). There is a train station about 3 min walk. (Fairfield Station)

The M60 Connects at Ashton around 5/10 min drive from the nearest exit J23.

We can arrange a Taxi to collect and drop you with notice.






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