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Studio Taster

The day will consist of you recording vocals to any one of our backing tracks, professionally mixed and digitally enhanced. Do it like the pros: record a few takes which will then be mixed and mastered by our fantastic engineers!


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 Studio Taster Experience

  • 1 Hour studio experience
  • Mixed and Mastered CD

The Recording

  • 1 singer
  • 1 song (any popular song)
  • Mixed and mastered CD (Cd cover optional)


For full details of Experience see F A Q tab

Purchase voucher

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  • Optional E -Voucher or purchase Gift Tin, beautifully designed voucher for you to give to the lucky recipient.
  • Vouchers are redeemable up to 8 months from the date of purchase,


  • As you will understandably be a little nervous, particularly if it's your first time recording a song live, Our engineers will help you relax
  • The sound engineer will then use professional techniques which have helped produce some of the best songs in the UK charts by the likes of Blur, Joy Divison, New Order and One Direction.
  • You will be involved in the whole mixing process, which provides a great opportunity to learn about how records are mixed and discover some tricks of the trade!
  • Have a go yourself and submit your own ideas; after all the final word is up to you and you will be encouraged to get involved as much as possible with the mixing and production of your own CD.
  • Once the engineer and yourself feel that the correct balance has been achieved between the vocals, backing track, effects etc then the final mix is ready.



Do I have to be professional Artist?
These experiences are for all ages and abilities.

How long is the Studio Taster experience?
About 1 hour

How many can sing?
1 person on the Studio Taster experience

How long will the voucher last?
8 months from date of purchase

How long will it take to receive my voucher?
E Voucher same day or Gift pack first class (a fee applies).

Can i give the experience to someone else if they don’t want it?

How long to receive my finished CD?
Studio taster receive their master CD on the day.

Can i upgrade to another package at a later date?

Do you do other locations in the UK?

Are there any age restrictions?
No ,we have done from 2 yr old to 88 our oldest yet! (the 88 year old was as energetic as the 12 yr old!)

How many friends and family can I bring to watch (not to sing)?
As many as you like we are one of the largest studio that cater for these experiences in the UK , friends and family often can get involved on shoots and videos!

Can I cancel my voucher?
You have 10 days cancellation period,after this the voucher is non refundable, you are welcome to sell or give the voucher to someone else.

Do you do hair and make-up?
No unless agreed but you’re welcome to bring your own, we have a beautiful make up room all for yourself (we can arrange these enquire with staff)

Do I get a printed CD cover with Discovery package?

Where are you based?
Manchester. See the location tab for directions etc.

Will there be any stars there on the day?
Very unlikely but you never know! And no One Direction are not on your shoot!

Can you help promote me?
Rarely do we promote anyone! We are always after new talent but unless you’re the next Coldplay!

Is there parking on site?
Yes Free street around the premises.


1394 Ashton Old Road,



M11 1JX


We are situated 10 mins via car from Manchester city centre. We are located on the same road as Piccadilly Train Station (where the taxi rank adjoins).By Taxi is about £7 or a Direct bus from City centre (Piccadilly or Victoria stations). There is a train station about 3 min walk. (Fairfield Station)

The M60 Connects at Ashton around 5/10 min drive from the nearest exit J23.

We can arrange a Taxi to collect and drop you with notice.




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