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Privacy Policy and Cookies - Overview

Singing Experience Terms and Conditions

Coronavirus Policy

While you have your experience you are the only people we will be catering for in the building. For your 2 hour slot, we will not have another client in the same space as you. We have always operated like this and this will mean you are not in a public space with lots of people you don't know. We have 2 staff members who will record and photograph your experience who are there just for you.


To keep everybody very safe, both staff and clients are washing their hands before we start the experience to stop any cross-contamination from other clients. If you feel like you have the virus or have been quarantined DO NOT come to your experience we can cater for you another time and make sure you have a great time once this all blows over


Coronavirus Cancellation Policy


We are changing our cancellation policy due to the coronavirus and to make sure everyone gets the most out of their experience. In light of the virus, we have extended all vouchers by 8 months to be used after the lockdown. This way we can make sure that everybody else has a great time and when you rearrange we can give you the recording experience you've always dreamed of.

Our terms and conditions apply to any voucher purchased for our singing experiences.


Voucher Agreement


By purchasing a voucher from Singing Experience you are therefore agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of that voucher. It is the responsabilty of the voucher purchaser to understand the Terms and Conditions before purchase. For any vouchers purchased through alternative suppliers please check there respective T&C's. 




Singing Experience makes no promise that a certain date is avaliable and advise that when booking an experience it is best to do so as soon as possible before the date you would like to book. You will see dates avaliable when booking the session, you can message our team on the chat below.

Should there be any changes to your booking/date then we shall inform you as soon as possible and attempt to find the next suitable date for you. We will not be liable for any costs incurred by the booking including travel or accomidation. 


Pricing And Price Promise


Prices and offers do change from time to time compared to what is shown on the website as they are changed from time to time. In the event of a voucher being sold at the incorrect price the difference will be resolved by refund. For any vouchers sold by third parties at incorrect prices please notify the appropriate seller. 


Discounts and Promotions  


Singing Experience may offer offers or discount codes from time to time. We reserve the right to apply limitations to voucher codes, discounts and offers. Only one promo code may be used at a time. Should a voucher code be issued incorrectly and apply the incorrect ammount of discount, we reserve the right to refund the item. These codes can only be used for online items and new orders and may not be used on a previous order.


Third Party Sellers


Singing Experience will run offers on third party sellers such as Wowcher and Groupon from time to time. The vouchers can only be used for certain times as stated in there T&C's. Only one voucher is allowed per person and per booking. So it it not possible to book two sessions with two vouchers back to back. These vouchers are meerly introductory offers and so customers may only use one of these vouchers for one booking. Any future bookings after that session must be booked through our vouchers.


Security Of Payment


Our Vouchers are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Should Singing Experience become insolvent, vouchers will not be redeemable. Purchases made using a Visa Credit or Debit card or a MasterCard Credit card may be able to make a claim under the protection offered by Visa or MasterCard; please read the terms and conditions of Your Visa Credit or Debit card or a MasterCard Credit card.


Restrictions on Vouchers


Some vouchers have certain conditions applied to them, such as when they can be used - please read all information on the vouchers before purchasing. For example some experiences can be up to 6+ hours in duration and as such cannot be booked on weekends.  


Experience Descriptions


At Singing Experience we attempt to provide accurate details and discriptions of each experience, some details should be only used as guidelines. The duration of experiences and there activities can vary depending on the session. Singing Experience is not responsible for any delays or equipment failures and or breakdowns. Descriptions are give as a guideline of activities and there may be changes made on the day. Photographs are used as an example of the experience and equipment used and may not be identical on the day. Should part of the experience be missing - with no alternative found it is decided by singing experience if the voucher can be refunded - the cost of the voucher is maximum amount of compensation avaliable to be given.


Voucher Validation

Vouchers are valid for 12 month's from the date of purchase (Voucher life may vary if bought from somewhere other than Singing Experience or if stated as otherwise - see respective T&C's) - they shall become invalid once 12 months have passed from the purchase date. Vouchers may be extended for a voucher extension fee. 




Cancellation may occur for various problem, for reasons such as illness, weather, staff issues and equipment problems. Should your booking be cancelled by Singing Experience you will be notified and should re book with singing experience. Singing experience is not liable for any costs such as travel or acomidation that may be lost in this situation. 


Should you wish to cancel /re-book your session you will need to notify Singing Experience at least 10 days before your booking. You will not be able to cancel or re-book under this period and your session will be lost.  You may be able to rebook for a fee in the future avaliabilty depending.


Voucher Upgrades


Should you wish to upgrade your voucher to another experience you can do so by messaging us on our chat. Voucher upgrades may require a change to your booking if they require more time than your original booking.


Saftey And Insurance


By taking part in a Singing Experience You accept that there is possibility of personal risk. Personal insurance policies vary in their coverage and may not cover you duringing an experience. It is advisable to check with the Supplier and Your insurance company in advance. The studios provide public liability insurance. Singing Experience Reserves the right to end an experience should they feel that participants or spectators are not following health and saftey rules, as instructed before the experience.



Spectators are welcome at singing experience, please double check the amount of spectators you are inviting before coming to your session. Spectators will not be allowed to record unless they are added on as a singer (£15 per singer) and all spectators are asked to follow the rules and instructions of the studio when spectating. 


Gift tins and E-Vouchers

Gift tins are sent by Royal Mail, We cannot be held liable for any cost or inconvenience caused due to delayed or lost mail.

E-Vouchers are sent in PDF format by email after purchase and are not subject to postage and packing fees. E-Vouchers can be added to a physical order for no extra charge. If, after ordering an e-Voucher You decide You would like a physical Voucher or gift packaging, please contact us on and we’ll advise You of options and any admin fees.

Gift tins can only be returned if all contents are present. Delivery of these items is limited to UK addresses only. Orders made before 1.30am Monday to Friday will be posted the same day


Users under 13

The Web Site is not directed to children under thirteen (13) years of age, and children under such age must not use the web site or services offered on it to submit any individually identifiable information about themselves.



The best way of resolving a complaint is by speaking to a member of staff - you can message us on our chat.



If your session has not been booked yet you may request a refund within 60 days of purchase - after this point singing expeirence withholds the right to provide a refund to the product.- Vouchers can be extended for a fee. The refund can only be made to the original purchaser and cannot be refunded to anyone else.


Singing Experience Privacy Policy


What you need to know


This privacy policy will explain how Singing Experience uses your personal information. Please be sure to read the privacy policy and make sure you control your privacy.


Our website is not intended to be used by children who are under 16 years of age.


Singing Experience and Privacy


We treat client privacy and use of data seriously. We ensure that your personal information personal information is secure. We comply with data privacy laws when using your personal information. Your data is only used for lawful purposes. These are what you might expect or they are explained to you in this document. Our data collection is only used to collect details we really need or which you have provided. Please be aware on how to control your personal information and how to keep personal data safe.


Quick read: Privacy Policy Summary We will explain the following:


What personal info is collected and how we collect personal info


What your personal information is used for


Who your personal information is shared with and why


How your personal information is kept secure 


How long we keep your information and why


Your rights and how to use them


Other details you should know


What personal info is collected and how we collect personal info


We collect most information directly from you when you buy an experience or book a session using our online portal/booking system. The devices you use to access our apps and websites give us technical details, we also gather data from cookies, these tell us what you look at online, where and when. We will also be able to see how you use our website - which includes activities such as if you have added/removed an item to your basket, filled in a form. The information we collect/use will depend on why we need it. Personal information is only collected if we believe we need it, or which you have agreed we can collect from you or agreed someone else can share with us. Sometimes we are given information about you unexpectedly, such as from the police, organisations and agencies trying to prevent threats and fraud, and from the public.


What your personal information is used for


Our websites and apps need to collect a lot of information so that you can buy things from us and learn about our offers and new experiences. We also need to use some details to prevent and detect fraud. We look at this information to see what products you might be interested in and show adverts based on stuff like your location, and other information based on your use of our website and other websites you visit, we rely on information which ad providers and social media platforms have collected with your consent. Our use of your details will depend on you and what you are doing: browsing or buying, if you are new to us or a registered customer. Use will be different on-line and in-store but we will try to join up details of our relationship with you in store and online in our records, even if you use different devices online. We explain our lawful reasons for use of your personal information in our detail section. You can access this by scrolling to “Additional Details”.


Who your personal information is shared with and why 


Your information may be shared for deliveries of products, they are only provided with the information nessisary to their deilvery.  Information is shared with third parties, providing that you have told us or the party in question that your information can be shared. An example of a third party might be ad providers, such as social media platforms or Google, so our adverts are shown to you. Agreed details are shared with third parties like pay pal if you choose to use their payment service, for the purpose of enabling the service which you have sought to use. Information will be shared when legaly required by the police, fraud prevention and credit reference agencies, or when deemed necessary to prevent fraud. If we decide to reorganise or sell all or most of our business, your personal information may be transferred to the buyer of the business but your information will never be sold third parties for them to market their products to you. 


How do we keep your personal information secure


 All staff are instructed on the importance on keeping personal information secure. We ensure data is safe online and in our records. We have also ensured that no personal information can be accessed outside of the offices. 


How long we keep your information and why


We will only keep your personal information for a limited period of time. This period will depend on a number of reasons, such as if we providing assistance and customer care to you. Sometimes we must also keep your information by law, to deal with a regulator or where required by our insurers. Your personal information can be deleted when requested by yourself where possible information will not be kept for longer than needed to for the provision of a service and for communicating with you. Information may also be kept to inform you about new products etc unless requested otherwise


Your rights and how to use them


You have right's to know how your information is used and collected. These include the right to limit or stop our use of your data and in some cases even to delete them. Where information is collected with your consent you can withdraw consent and unsubcribe via email. You can contact us regarding privacy at You also have a right to complain to the UK’s privacy regulator should you feel your rights or the law has been compromised.


Other details you should know.


From time to time we will update this policy. Should any major changes be made we will make you aware of the changes. If the change is only minor then we will not notify you so your inbox isn't filled up! But you can allways check it here. Additional details Where we collect and use information about you and which allows us to identify you, it is your personal information. Our quick read summary privacy policy has already given you some key facts but this part of our policy adds further detail if you want to understand more about how and why we use your information.





What is a cookie?


When your phone, computer and/or device accesses a websites on the internet it downloads a small data file. This file helps your device communicate with the website and allows it to remember you as a user. This means it will remember things such as log ins and browser history. For example if you use Amazon UK, a cookie will tell the website what items you were looking at on your last vist so it can reccommend similar items when you return. Cookies are in no way harmfull to a computer, or device, you can read more about cookies at


Use of cookies on Singing Experience


Cookies are used on this website to improve your experience, for example if you add an item to your basket, a cookie means you can leave the website and the item will still be in your basket when you return.

Our cookies are not used to collect any personal information (see our privacy policy for more information) sometimes information from cookies is linked to you, such as use of automatic functions (filling out forms or logging in for example) 


We use the following cookies -

Strictly Functional Cookies - These are cookies that are used by the website to function correctly - i.e allowing you to pay for products or keeping track of items.


Measurement and analytics cookies - A cookie that collects statistical information on how visitors use the website - calculating views and product popularity based on clicks. This cookie means we can measure use of the website as well as what products/competitions etc are most effective.


Personalisation Cookie - Allows the website to recognise you as a user/individual and allows us to customise the website for you, giving you an improved experience that means you will see more products that you enjoy. The site will also be able to remember the choices you have made, for example your language or item choices


Marketing Cookies - Marketing Cookies ensure that any adverts on our website that is content not owned by singing experience is still relevant to your interests. 


Third Party Cookies - Used by third parties to collect data on and off our website, we do not recieve any data from these cookies. They are used by third parties such as paypal which is the only way they can work on our website


The majority of browsers (such as google) automatically accept and use cookies - you can change this in your settings and also clear your cookies.

By accepting cookies when visiting our website, you consent to cookies being used in accordance with this Cookies Policy.  You can change your mind at any time about your consent. If you do not consent to cookies, or have changed your mind about cookies, you must either disable cookies through your browser or refrain from using this website.