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Musicians - Overview

Recording Studios


Record in a professional studio with an instrument of your choice


From a cover to an original song of your creation!


Record in a professional studio with an instrument of your choice

From a cover to an original song of your creation!




play an instrument in a music studioStart learning an instrument 2020Musician Experience- £199 £99

10 year Anniversary! RRP £199
Recording for singers and bands
Birthday gifts 2019
Play drums for a gift
Guitar lessons


Musicians - optional extras

Only with a musician experience

Photoshoot in a city Music recording for beginners OxfordAdd photoshoot to the musician experience



Set up a recording for a piano

Set up a recording for a piano




Video extra - only with a musician experience.

Record my own instrument properly Birmingham guitar recordingAdd a video to the musician experience




Recording studio hire Liverpool

Studio recording time with engineer






Extra singer - only with a musician experience.

Singing studios near Manchester city centreMusic studio in liverpool, leeds, birmingham



See our studios in this video  -  find out why our studios are used by studio musicians





See our reviews to understand why we have been used by musicians of all ages & abilities 

from across the world.





See Some Examples

Studio recording LondonSinging studios Liverpool



Your Experience includes

Experiences for all ages and abilities - Real professional music studios - Studios used by A list Artist SSL mixing console used on the No1 hits - Full studio to yourself - Record one song - Mixed and mastered - Various performance takes (fully edited) - A host of effects added - Autotune available - Bring as many Freinds and Family  - CD or digital copies provided - Your own webpage, share with friends  - Quality engineers, genuine experience - Lots of equipment at hand - Add extra singers/musicians (Fees apply) - Any age, beginner or a seasoned pro! - E-voucher on purchase - Portal to book and organize your slot - Gift Tin Presentation voucher, (£8) - Clients travel from all over the UK -Voucher valid to book 8 months