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record a song in a studio double time mini    

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Manchester guitarist recordingStudio time for professional musicians

GuitaristGuitar live room sessions
  • Record 1 song
  • 1 Guitarist included
  • Includes audio CD
  • UK's leading recording venue
  • Studio all to yourself


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Christmas Studios used by the stars



Lessons for beginner drummers






Our studios have worked with a variety of musicians,
using various instruments. Including a whole host of professionals.
Including session musicians and artists like
Noddy Holder and Youngr.







Record Piano in a professional recording studio Liverpool

PianistPiano Studio recordings


  • Record 1 song
  • 1 Pianist 
  • Audio CD included
  • Studio engineer + desk used
  • Piano's avaliable to use


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Christmas Studios used by the stars


Studio time for Drummers

Manchester guitar studios








Pro tools studio spacesStudio spaces to rehearse


See our studio page here for who has been in.

Experience a real working film & recording studio used by the Stars and the beginner  








Drummer recording in Manchester

DrummersManchester drummer recording sessions
  • Record 1 song
  • 1 Drummer
  • Includes audio CD
  • Choose your own song
  • Studio kit avaliable


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Christmas Studios used by the stars


Singing experience Studios

Liverpool recording studios for musicians




World class equipment, boasting one of the UK's flagship SSL consoles

and an array of industry high quality outboard effect and Mics. 








How to a record a Duet

DuetsProfessional duet recording
  • Record 1 song
  • 2 Singers
  • Includes audio CD
  • Voucher included
  • Record in our pro studio


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Christmas - Studios used by the stars


Recording studios for musicians and bands

The best recording studios in the UK








Drummer recording timeRecord a cover song with professionals


Our reviews do the shouting! Over 10,000 clients from the absolute

beginner to world class musicians who have had  their say .






Ask young people what their interests are and they will probably list music and watching shows like the X Factor. Most young people dream of being in a band and rubbing shoulders with the stars! Imagine your son or daughter or even yourself playing live in the UK's number one recording studios in Manchester that has already played host to hundreds of famous bands and faces. Imagine them getting the full star treatment and recording their very own hit single! And just imagine how popular you would be after delivering such an amazing gift.


So if you have a loved one, young or old, who fancies themselves as the next “big thing”, whether that's as a rapper, guitarist, pianist, bass player, drummer or singer, this would make the perfect gift! Take their musical talent out of the bedroom and into the studio for a day they will never forget!


Our skilled engineers will put them at their ease, provide refreshments for them and any friends or family who have decided to show their support and will help to make them sound great. After all, those same engineers have worked with the likes of One Direction and Blur so they are verified professionals.


We welcome everyone of any age and with any talent to come along and be transformed into a superstar! From beginners to experts, our friendly manner and professional studios will make this a memorable birthday experience no matter who you are! Take home a digitally enhanced CD, as a personal memento of the time they became a celebrity for the day. There are flexible packages to suit your needs and budget, packages start for Musicians £199!