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Singing Experience : Insomnium Performing In Manchester

Singing Experience : Insomnium Performing In Manchester

Insomnium is performing at Soundcloud in Manchester tonight to celebrate their new album released in September 2016 Winter's Gate.

Insomnium was first formed in 1997 in Joensuu, Finland. Since the band formed they have been opening many audiences eyes to Melodic Death Metal.

A review from their recent performance certainly shows how envious you should be if you have not purchased your ticket for tonight's performance "Seeing Insomnium live is a real trip. I’m convinced that they must go through at least one guitar per performance due to Markus Vanhala’s insane finger work, which makes up the backbone of their sound."

If you have completely missed out on this performance tonight, then be the envy of your friends organise a musician session at Singing Experience.

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