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What people say about us

Donna Willacy

Recorded on 08.06.14

“ "The best party ever - it was awesome!" was Lauren's summary of today's video experience! And we have to agree! Thank you so much to Jamie for looking after us so well. I've no doubt we'll be back again with her little sister! ”

James Conlon

Recorded on 06.06.14

“ My 4 (aged 4-8) had a fab few hours taking a photo shoot, and recording their track. Josh and David were awesome! Getting the perfect vib for the kids to interact with. David has almost convinced them to be sound engineers, rather than pop stars, just because they get to play with some awesome gadgets. Fantastic that the group got to see ALL parts of the recording, rather than just rushing them through. FUN FAB SESSION! Thankyou! ”

Sarah Fitzsimons

Recorded on 30.05.14

“ My daughter had an amazing time today. All the staff are welcoming and friendly, great bunch of guys. Would recommend to anyone interested in music/singing. We learnt a lot too. Thank you ”

Nanette Ramnaught

Recorded on 28.05.14

“ Thanks so much for our 1st Singing Experience today! My daughter Azayah & her friends had a fab time taking part in the recording & video shoot for her 10th birthday. Definitely something they'd all do again. Thank u Josh, you were a great host! ”

Tracy Hamer

Recorded on 28.05.14

“ A warm and welcoming team ready to put you at ease and calm any nerves. Thank you to Martin, Jamie and the team for making my daughters experience a day never to be forgotten! ”

Hayley Cameron-Stuart

Recorded on 18.05.14

“ Absolutely amazing, the kids had a great time, staff are lovely and so much fun, would definitely recommend and will be coming back!! ”

Stacey Harvey

Recorded on 16.05.14

“ Had my daughter's 9th birthday party here, it was amazing! The staff were fantastic, as was the experience. Would highly recommend to anyone of any age. Thank you!! ”

Matthew from Admin

Recorded on 15.05.14

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Michelle Wilkinson

Recorded on 12.05.14

“ Had an amazing day with Gemma's Hens. The photos look amazing and Rob the sound engineer is super talented! Couldn't recommended you highly enough, thank you. ”

Tina Ayto

Recorded on 23.04.14

“ Had a brilliant experience!! thank u for puttin me at ease - really enjoyable afternoon! Great people & very talented :) Definitely recommend it - thanks again ”

Donna Niman

Recorded on 30.03.14

“ Molly loved her party. Josh was great with the girls and there was no hard sell of the photos or dvds ( which I was dreading...). Photos arrived today - lovely! Cant wait to watch the video. ”

Mary Ainsworth

Recorded on 28.03.14

“ I visited Singing Experience today! It was the first time I have been in a recording studio and it was incredible :) The photo studio was so professional, same with the live lounge and the recording studio. I felt so at home and Danielle (photographer) and Rob (sound engineer) made me feel really comfortable :) The photos are amazing and I'm so happy with my track! :D Thank you Singing Experience :) ”

Joanne Pendry

Recorded on 08.02.14

“ My daughter had her 10th birthday party here last night... Best party ever! what a fantastic experience.. They all had such fun.. And a special mention to Jamie or (Jam as they renamed him!) The girls thought he was brilliant.. He totally got them into the groove! They loved the photo shoot at the end! Would have no hesitation recommending to anyone.. Thanks so much ”

Stuart James Diamond plus

Recorded on 18.11.12

“ So many treasured memories of one perfect day and the perfect keepsake. Loving my CD and can't wait to do another! ”

Acia Popstar party 12 yr olds

Recorded on 18.11.12

“ It was such a laugh, best day ever! Big smiles all round! I'll not ever forget today it was well special. ”

Kyle Mainwairing Popstar

Recorded on 17.11.12

“ My daughter said this was the best party ever! She certainly celebrated in style, we cannot thank you enough. ”

Helen Coben Hen Party

Recorded on 17.11.12

“ We got red carpet treatment, had a go at mixing, photos, the works! Awesome hen party! See you for the next one! ”

Simone Jones diamond Plus

Recorded on 13.11.12

“ Just recorded 3 tracks, got a very professional CD with me on the cover! Fame at last! ”

John Mcparland Live lounge

Recorded on 11.11.12

“ Guys Really had an exceptional time , i have about 150 songs !!!!! I will have to move in Will definatly back with Carl and the guys to make some good demos Thanks ”

James "stripped"

Recorded on 11.11.12

“ It was so brilliant to have rehearsed the songs then watch it all come together. The final product is amazing. ”

Andrea Cummins Hen party

Recorded on 10.11.12

“ You provided us with a proper girls day out, it was unforgettable! Loved every minute! Wish we could do it again. ”

Hannah Martin

Recorded on 06.11.12

“ My daughter said "this was the best party ever! She certainly celebrated in style, we cannot thank you enough." ”

Joshie Burgess Band Discovery

Recorded on 06.11.12

“ From performing in our bedroom to performing in a real live studio, wow, we're still all buzzing from the experience. ”

Tetra Pak office party

Recorded on 04.11.12

“ Fully recommend this for friendly and professional staff who make sure that everyone has a fantastic time whether they can sing or not. ”

Jenny Jameson

Recorded on 04.11.12

“ I can't stop playing my very own CD, I have it on a loop at home and in the car! Overall it was great fun! ”

Angelina Casa Diamond Plus

Recorded on 01.11.12

“ My best friend and I got this to celebrate our school Leavers Day, our friends are well jealous! ”

NAked Staircase Bands Demo

Recorded on 29.10.12

“ We could not have got a better FINISH and now have a high quality demo CD to tout to agents. ”

Tag watches LVMH

Recorded on 24.10.12

“ The whole office can't stop talking about The Party of the Year, a fantastic experience and great value for money. ”

Charley Mum Silver Plus

Recorded on 13.10.12

“ This is an amazing gift for a teenager, Charley loved it and can't stop playing her CD! Thanks everyone! ”

Katie Parkinson 12yr Diamond plus

Recorded on 12.10.12

“ What a great day! I was put at ease at once and recorded 3 tracks which are now on my very own CD! ”

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